Organic Animal Feed and Gardening Supplies

We offer a line of certified organic animal feed from New Country Organics to our customers and urban farmers with small flocks of your own. It is the same high-quality feed that we use for our own chickens. Countryside Organics makes a wide variety of poultry, cattle, horse, swine, rabbit and goat feed. 

We do not keep all of their feeds in stock, but if you contact us about what you are needing, we are more than happy to help. 

These products are only available for pick up at the farm. We are unable to ship or deliver them to you. 


About New Country Organics

New Country Organics manufactures Certified Organic, Soy-Free feeds and healthy mineral mixes for livestock. Our products make healthy animals. Because they are organic, our products help to save the earth. We are a socially responsible enterprise and are proof-positive that an environmentally-friendly, organic, responsible approach to farming is viable, profitable, necessary and sustainable.