Know Your Farmers

Who We Are

We are a family of 7 (the newest addition is not pictured!), located in Franklin, TN, striving to produce the same high quality food for others that we believe in feeding to our own children - food that is grown according to God's brilliant design. Because we are passionate about knowing where our food comes from and the way in which it is produced, this naturally led to the desire to start providing it for ourselves and for others. We have a small operation that we look forward to growing and adding other products to. 

Our Practices

We are passionate about caring for the land we have been blessed with (and blessed to be able to borrow from others!), and about producing the best-tasting, healthiest food we possibly can. For our pasture-raised chickens, that means they get to live their lives outside on grass, free to forage for bugs and worms and soak up the sunshine. Unlike cattle, which should always be 100% grass-fed, chickens are omnivores, and need a wider variety of foods in their diet. The supplemental feed they receive from us is always the best quality possible - 100% organic, GMO-free, soy-free, with the right balance of nutrients, minerals, and probiotics. 

Our practices go far beyond organic, as organic simply means that that the chickens' feed has been certified to contain no unnatural fertilizers or pesticides. The term "free-range" is also widely abused, as it only requires that chickens have a small access to the outdoors. Most of them are still packed into a giant feed house, living in their own manure...never actually seeing the light of day, stepping on a blade of grass, or scratching for a single bug. Not only does this result in chicken that we believe is not healthy for consumption, it is simply wrong. We believe that God has provided us the perfect system through nature, and we simply strive to be overseers and facilitators of the natural process. 

Currently, we are selling our pasture-raised chickens and we hope to soon add eggs and other meats. Our commitment to quality and integrity in our practices is unwavering. We feel honored to provide you and your families with the same high-quality products that we provide our own.  

You can pre-order our chickens online to be picked up here in Franklin, or delivered directly to your home. 

Please see our "How it Works" page for more information.