Feed - Chicken Starter, 50 lb (Organic, Soy-Free)

Feed - Chicken Starter, 50 lb (Organic, Soy-Free)

Countryside Organics

$ 36.00

New Country Organics Starter Feed is essentially the same as our Broiler Feed, but with a higher protein content (21% vs. 19%) and ground finer for baby chicks. We suggest soy-free Starter Feed for the first 3-4 weeks of the feeding cycle. Then switch to our soy-free Broiler Feed. The larger pieces of grain in our feed stimulate development of the gizzard and help produce healthier adult birds. The peeps never stop when your birds get New Country Organics Poultry Starter Feed.

Due to the shelf-life of feed, we do not always keep this item in stock. Please email us to arrange for a special order.

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